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Membership Levels

(All contributions to HCSV are tax-deductible)

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Individual $35
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* Premium membership has many privileges! Patron and Sponsor Members receive invitations to exclusive events and qualify for additional benefits and prizes. In addition, Patron and Sponsor Members may receive preferential seating at events. These memberships pay for themselves after attending as few as two HCSV events.

Membership Eligibility

Anyone who has been associated with any department at Harvard University for at least one academic term, as a student or instructor is eligible for membership. In addition, parents of undergraduates are encouraged to join both during and after their child’s enrollment.

Additional Contribution Opportunities

In addition to dues, the HCSV encourages you to support important Club initiatives:

Book Award Fund

Harvard Book Awards are awarded to outstanding students in their junior year of high school. The winners are selected by each participating high school based on academic excellence, exceptional personal qualities and significant contribution to their school or community. At the annual awards ceremony of the participating schools, each winner is presented with a book that is inscribed to the recipient.

Each Harvard Book Award costs $30. Your generous donation will allow the Harvard Club of Silicon Valley to expand the Harvard Prize Book program to more of the seventy plus high schools in Santa Clara County. Please donate now!

Donate to the Harvard Club of Silicon Valley Harvard Prize Book Program

Payment Methods

Dues (and other donations) can be paid using PayPal™. Dues payments by cash or check are also accepted at any HCSV event. Checks may be sent to:

Douglas Park
Treasurer, HCSV
PO Box 329
Menlo Park, CA  94025